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Please take note of the following information regarding this website and its use;

This website, hosted by GoDaddy on a business server, is equipped with SSL encryption and its ultimate security package. The site was developed on WordPress, which is notorious for its security vulnerabilities. However, its core package and all plugins used to develop the site are automatically updated. Its files are set to a regular backup schedule. Reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure user experience, security, and usability doesn’t suffer.

However, there’s only so much that we can do to secure the website and protect you while using it. If you’re not using a secure web browser, such as Brave Browser, equipping it with adequate security plugins, using a firewall/antivirus/security suite on your devices, and being mindful of your Internet practices, then we advise doing so.

The website’s design was created considering that users are using a “blue screen filter,” such as F.Lux, on their device(s), which will soften the displayed colors and make reading easier on the eyes.

This website uses the following listed software(s) to operate on WordPress as designed.

Akismet Anti-Spam

JetTabs for Elementor



Civic Cookie Control 8

JetWooBuilder for Elementor

Coinbase Commerce


Easy Updates Manager




Elementor Button Plus

Master Slider Pro

Elementor Pro

Menu Icons

Envira Gallery


Envira Gallery – Albums

PeepSo Core – Audio & Video

Envira Gallery – Defaults

PeepSo Core – Chat

Envira Gallery – Dynamic

PeepSo Core – Friends

Envira Gallery – Elementor

PeepSo Core – Groups

Envira Gallery – EXIF

PeepSo Core – Photos

Envira Gallery – Gallery Themes

PeepSo Core – Polls

Envira Gallery – Pagination

PeepSo Extras – Autofriends

Envira Gallery – Protection

PeepSo Intergrations – GIPHY

Envira Gallery – Slideshow

PeepSo Monetization – WooCommerce

Envira Gallery – Tags

PeepSo Monetization – WPAdverts

Envira Gallery – Videos


Envira Gallery – Watermarking

Sucuri Security

Envira Gallery – WooCommerce


Essential Addons for Elementor

User Submitted Posts

Essential Addons for Elementor Pro


GoDaddy Pro Sites Worker

WooCommerce Admin

JetBlog for Elementor

WooCommerce Payment Gateway – CoinGate

Jet Elements for Elementor

WooCommerce Shipping & Taxing


WP Mail SMTP Pro


WP-Optimize Premium


WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version)


WP Forms


WPFront Scroll Top


Yoast SEO

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