Kneeling obediently with a hand upon a bare thigh, and the other resting proudly upon your swollen womb, your head upturned with adoring eyes upon me, I take in the sight of your smile. My eyes then travel down your throat where your collar rests, but only a moment before they find themselves upon the dangling talisman hanging between your breasts. The token represents a simple understanding that everything you are belongs to, without hesitation and unquestionably, to me. It serves as just as you do – an extension of me, my dominance, control, and abilities. Unlike you, when the time comes, it will cease to serve but will be replaced with the blessing of my mark. I find myself captivated at that moment as the world fades.

You blink, a furrow upon your brow, and let slip from your lips my name.

“Daddy, how was your day?”

Pulled from further thought, I look into your eyes as I unzip my pants.

“Exhausting, babygirl, but nothing that the warmth of my slut’s mouth won’t help.”

Your lips twist into that cute little smile I adore, and at that moment, we both know; Daughter, slut, or slave isn’t a question that matters – you are whatever I decide, and you know it well, but I know that my flesh flowing into your throat is a beautiful reminder.