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I’ve seen many descriptors for what it is that I do, but the most popular is *“Camgirl.”* Unfortunately that label is a rather large misnomer.

I do spend time appearing on camera and turns out that I am indeed a “girl” to say that I’m a *"camgirl”* is too simplified. While some of my peers do focus their energies on providing live shows there’s just as many who find that it’s not enough. *“Camgirl”* just doesn't accurately describe what I do. And what I do? Why I do it fuels my perspective on this topic quite a bit. I love fulfilling fantasies during my shows, pleasing people, soaking up attention, challenging myself and others, and growing as a person and a kinkster. Those reasons are all well and good, but obviously there’s an elephant in the room. I also do this because I’m a workoholic who enjoys paying my bills and living a more comfortable life than I would making other people money while struggling to make my own. In order to accomplish my goals I’ve found that I must do much more than live shows.

**[][MissKomorebi] recently made a [][post] stating that she was “not just a camgirl, but a film director, an editor, photographer, model, secretary, and promoter.”**

That resonates with me. Being self-employed and responsible for everything that does or doesn't happen in my career requires me to wear a lot of hats. Some of those hats require hours of emotionally, mentally, and/or physically demanding work. The trade-off is that I’m able to provide free, or mostly free depending on the site in question, content to my fans. Again, not entirely altruistic. I treat that content as promotional material which gets my name, face, kinks, and skills out there for mass-consumption. Those who aren’t familiar with me get an opportunity to become acquainted and those who are have content to hold them over until my live shows.

Those live shows, which generally consist of up to up to 14 hours a day of playing, chatting, and entertaining my fans? That’s the pleasurable side of what I do that I depend on to pay my bills, create new off-site content, fill my toy closet with new and interesting toys, and to keep technical gear in working order and updated. Together all of these things I hope will help me build a sustainable career which takes me deep into the years when I’m a grandmother you’d love to fuck!

But let’s get back to terminology and why it matters: it’s marketing. I want to relay to my potential fans in an efficient manner that I offer more services than live shows .

In an attempt to accomplish that goal I began using *“Adult Service Provider.”* After all, it makes sense. I provide adults with service, right? Yup. Wait, what service? Unknown to me at the time, *“Adult Service Provider”* can also be used to describe caregivers for adults in the health and/or personal industry as well as businesses and/or individuals in the sex industry. So much for that one. Yes, it’s shared across industries and it’s applicable, but I think our industry needs something that belongs only to us.

The next idea I had was to use *“Kink-Aware Adult Service Provider”* because I think the term *“kink-aware”* importantly clarifies *“Adult Service Provider”* as pertaining to the sex industry. It’s also used in the world of kink to let people know that lawyers, therapists, et al are kink-friendly so there’s that. Unfortunately it’s a mouthful and still leaves some confusion and leads to more questions than it needs to. So that one came off of my watermark.

Next up was *“Sexual Service Provider.”* This one I’m quite delighted with. I’m not sure why prostitutes aren’t using it! It’s perfect, right? They provide sexual services. It leaves nothing to question, there’s no confusion, and no time wasted having to explain what it means. So what was the issue? Well… I do more than provide sexual services. Surprisingly, I’ve found myself being an emotional surrogate, a therapist, an adviser, and so forth. I never expected that, but it adds a lovely exclamation mark on MissKomorebi’s tweet. I’d love to be a *“Sexual Service Provider”* but alas, in the middle of Kansas it’ll land me in the middle of jail.

So through trial and error I’ve ended up at *“Pleasure Service Provider.”* Does it work? Somewhat? I haven’t had a lot of time to try it out and get feedback as I’ve been on a long hiatus for numerous reasons. I’d like to think it’s perfect, but I have to acknowledge that it doesn’t give a tip to every hat I must wear, but it tips the most important. I provide pleasure in various and numerous forms to adults. Some days it may take on the form of playing with my breasts, ramming an over-sized and painful dildo up my vagina, telling jokes to someone who’s had a horrible afternoon, or all three at once. Whatever it is I’m doing, my personal and professional goals demand that I leave my fans with a smile on their face. It demands that they’re satisfied with the pleasures I offer.

That’s what I do.

**Casey Anne Moon**

For more information please stroll through my [][official website].

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Sounds like a whole lot under just one title! Busy woman you are!
March 8, 2021 6:50 pm

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